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Solar Maintenance

How to protect your solar system investment and maximise efficiency

As a solar owner, your system requires minimal maintenance. However, by taking a few simple steps, you can maximise the efficiency of your system, and protect your investment & product warranty.

The amount of electricity generated by a solar panel is proportional to the amount of light falling on it. If the cells of a panel are covered, it will produce less energy so it is important to keep your solar panels clean.
Over time, dust and debris will build up on the surfaces of your solar panels, preventing light from reaching the solar cells, reducing the efficiency of your system. Other contaminants, such as bird or bat droppings stick to the surface and can also cause damage or deteriorate your panels.

Therefore, as per the Australian Standards & Guidelines, it is recommended that your solar system is cleaned and serviced every year. We do not recommend that you clean the panels yourself because if you damage, scratch, or crack the panels through abrasion or incorrect water temperature, you may void your warranty or ruin your entire system.

Solar system maintenance services prices

All prices inclusive of GST.


Solar Panel Clean


6 – 12 Panels


13 – 24 Panels

  • Remove dirt, dust & grime, salt, lichen, bird & bat droppings and any other environmental factors that reduce the cells ability to perform efficiently
  • Chemical free
  • No squeegees used on solar panels
  • 12 point visual inspection of your system checking for signs of corrosion, adequate drainage, discolouration, broken glass and signs of animal or pest infestation in housing and mounts.


Solar System Service


6 – 12 Panels


13 – 24 Panels

  • Check the inverter display panel for recorded faults and alarm indicator
  • Check Inverter is displaying correct information and readings
  • Check vents on inverter are free of debris
  • Check the overall condition of the inverter
  • Checking that access to the isolator switches has not been impeded
  • Check that emergency procedures for shutdown and isolation are clearly displayed and haven’t faded
  • Check method and integrity of mounting frame installation
  • Check that solar panels are clean, secure and free of defects
  • Remove any debris from around and on panels – eg leaves and other fire hazards
  • Check for shading on panels from trees, neighbouring buildings, antennas and other structures
  • Check if any wiring or parts have been damaged, deteriorated or corroded and confirm fittings and cables are securely attached
  • Check electrical junction boxes for tightness of connections and that no water has built up inside


Access roof to check panels for;

  • Visual defects, such as cracks, hot spots, browning, moisture ingress and corrosion of the frames
  • Panel and wiring configuration,
  • Panel specifications
  • Array isolation devices (if fitted) and;
  • Earthing of the array


Perform Electrical Test of installation, checking for correct;

  • Open Circuit Voltage (Voc)
  • Short Circuit Current (Isc)
  • Max Output and efficiency of the Panels (Pmax)
  • Insulation resistance of cabling
  • Check for recalled electrical products

Combo Deal

Solar System Clean & Service


6 – 12 Panels
(Save $79)


13 – 24 Panels
(Save $118)

Get both Cleaning and service for our special price.

How to book your solar service or panel clean

If you have had your system for at least 6-12 months and not yet had it serviced, or cleaned, please contact us now to book. Call (02) 4972 2222

Why you should use a Licensed CEC Accredited Electrician

Unlike typical electrical products, turning a solar panel system ‘off’ at the switch does not mean that the components no longer pose an electrical hazard.

Therefore, it is recommended that solar panel systems should only be inspected and maintained by a licenced CEC Accredited electrician, and cleaning conducted by a solar panel specialist cleaner.

Solar system maintenance services

ECOlectrical offer a comprehensive annual maintenance, safety check and cleaning service for your solar system in line with warranty obligations and the Clean Energy Council Guidelines. As well as the general maintenance, we check for visible defects and measure the power output to ensure that it is performing to the standard guaranteed by the Manufacturer.

We’ll provide you a solar inspection report and we will assist you with any warranty claims should we find any defects or performance issues.

Peace of mind solar system health check

If you have purchased a home with an existing solar system, are you sure it is operating as it should be and you are receiving the full benefits? For peace of mind, why not have your system checked by a professional. ECOlectrical offers a 12 point check from $165inc GST.

Thermal imaging

Using state-of-the-art thermal imaging technology, our thermal inspections are a fast, reliable, non-contact way of testing your solar panels and system components for performance anomalies.
Thermal camera scanning of:

  • Inverter Housing
  • Isolator Switch – DC
  • Isolator Switch – AC
  • PV Modules

This can be done with your clean or service. Please enquire upon booking, prices from $99.