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13 Jun, 2021

About the Tesla Powerwall

Not just another battery, the Tesla Powerwall stores energy at a rate that utilities can only dream of. While typical households spend about 10% of their income on electricity, the Tesla Powerwall al ...

6 Jun, 2021

The Projects that we can Take On

The entire fleet is waiting! This is the sheer scale of our team and the capacity that we can take on with our solar installations. We are a team of solar experts offering high-quality workmanship a ...

30 May, 2021

From the Big Picture Right Down to the Finest Details, Our Team Is There Every Step of the Way

Solar installations aren’t just about looking at the big picture…sometimes, it’s about getting right down to the nitty-gritty (both literally and figuratively) to ensure the system ...

23 May, 2021

Enjoy a Customised Approach to Solar

We’ve invested several years and hundreds of thousands of dollars bringing together the best products on the market to provide you with an energy solution focused on efficiency. When you choose to ...

16 May, 2021

What Our Clients Experience when Working with a Local Team

There’s a certain magic that comes with working with a team of in-house solar specialists that understand the area. Being our client means that you will deal directly with a local, reputable a ...

9 May, 2021

The Benefits of having a Grid-Connected Solar Solution

Solar panels have long been deemed expensive alternatives to standard power supply, but we promise to deliver a cost-efficient solution. A grid-connected solar solution, with or without battery stor ...

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