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An inspection, survey and analysis of energy flows for energy conservation in a building, process or system to reduce the amount of energy input into the system without negatively affecting the output(s). An ENERGY AUDIT is the first step in identifying opportunities to reduce energy expense and carbon footprints.


ECOlectrical are “Electrical CONSERVationists” with our aim being to help customers CONSERVE energy, CONSERVE money, & CONSERVE the environment.

A great first step towards being able to CONSERVE is to have an energy audit completed which will help you ascertain where you can begin to CONSERVE. Our practical industry experience coupled with our formal environmental and carbon management qualifications puts us in a great position to help your business save money as well as develop a more sustainable, long-term business model.

Energy audits are a tax deductable investment which provide fast returns, returns that you can better invest in growing your business as opposed to paying exorbitant, ever increasing power bills.

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Energy Audit Experts

  • 20+ years electrical industry experience coupled with formal environmental & carbon management qualifications
  • Able to conduct energy audits and provide energy reduction strategies
  • Energy Audits conducted in-line with the Australian Standards (AS/NZS 3598:2000)
  • Carbon Management plans
  • Commercial offices, hotels, strata & apartment buildings, warehouses, educational facilities, retail and hospitaility energy audits
  • Tax deductable investment that provides a fast return on investment
  • Reduce energy costs, reduce carbon footprint, reduce environmental, enhance business image
  • Create sustainable business model
  • Use cost savings to enhance &/or grow your business
  • Energy action plan provides a road map for tangible results
  • Stop paying ever increasing electricity costs being supplied by a finite resource
  • Energy audit may cost less than 1% of your yearly energy bill
  • 10% – 30% energy reductions identified
  • Identifies the most practical and economic energy solutions
  • Historical and current energy usage and costs
  • Options via upgrades or replacement of equipment to provide worthwhile ROI
  • Energy Reduction Solutions & ROI projections
  • Lighting upgrades (car park lighting, office lighting, high-bay lighting, fire stair lighting, exterior lighting, interior lighting, use of timers, photo electric cells & so on)
  • On-site energy generation (solar)
  • Hot water systems (residential, commercial)
  • Power factor correction
  • Peak demand and off-peak energy use strategies