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Why Choose Solar

  • Solar panels/batteries are falling in price
  • Installation rebates still available
  • Don’t pay energy providers 45c/kWh
  • Be smart, generate your own power for just 8-12c/kWh
  • Spend the savings on yourself AND help the environment
  • Residential Solar installations often pay themselves off in just 5 years
  • Australia is great for solar and many people are realizing this as solar installs increase rapidly throughout the country
  • In the past 6 years, the cost of solar panels has decreased
  • Battery technology has changed & improved rapidly, and US-based Greentech Media claims Australia will lead the way of solar battery installs due to the economic & environmental benefits
  • Installation is a lot easier, cheaper and no interest ever finance (*conditions apply) is available meaning many more people can move with the times before the rebates get less & less.

Why choose solar power

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