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Did you know you can achieve an instant return on investment simply by completing a sustainable, low-cost lighting retrofit?

LED lighting costs have dropped significantly and offer an ever faster return on investment then previously so start saving today!

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Save up to 80% on electricity used by your lights.

Lasts about 20 times longer than halogen, upwards of 50,000 hours, meaning you will not be changing a light globe for a very long time

Halogen gets extremely hot and wastes 90% of electrical energy, whereas LED light is cool to touch and therefore safer, it can even reduce your cooling costs & reduce the fire risk in your home.

Light produced by LED is a more natural as well as produces more light (higher lumens) whilst using less electricity.

lights are void of a filament therefore are less likely to be damaged, hence more durable.

Longer lasting therefore better for landfill and without harmful chemicals.

Available in NSW with incentives available to potentially reduce electricity costs by up to 50%*
Qualification requirements to be met.

No UV radiation from LED lighting means it’s less likely for mozzis and other annoying insects as is the case with other types of lighting.

Lighting Efficiency Table