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ECOlectrical is fully licensed (A Grade Electrician) and insured electrical contractor, backed by solar, environmental & carbon management qualifications guaranteeing the customer receives the best service, advice and price for your particular needs.

Move with the times, using endless, sustainable, sunshine whilst taking advantage of incredible return on investment, pay back periods, reduction of power bills and cost savings a home solar battery will deliver, not to mention the positive and forward thinking contribution it provides to future generations and our natural environment.

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Residential and commercial solar battery installation by certified electricians

Installation, maintenance, servicing, testing & commissioning of panels and whole systems.

Newcastle solar battery installations

As return on investment improves rapidly, solar + battery storage globally is forecast to increase tenfold in less than five years, with Australia conditions perfect to take advantage of the excellent cost savings on offer battery systems.

The Climate Council says ‘behind-the-meter’ battery storage is expected to experience similar growth to that of solar PV and half of all households in Australia are predicted to install these alternative energy solutions. Don’t miss out, move with the times and take advantage of the benefits available to you with solar panels and batteries.

Solar System Government Rebates and Incentives

Still available, reducing your costs, forever changing, however ECOlectrical’s experience and qualifications will ensure the customer completely understands and takes advantage of all benefits available to them.

Solar Electrician Newcastle

Cost of solar panel and battery installations for your home in Newcastle, NSW

How long is a piece of string? All solar power systems vary as every home has a different roof and location, however, rest assured ALL homes can benefit from a well-engineered solar system.

ECOlectrical will work closely with you to ensure not only that the system is suited to your individual requirements but also ensure it delivers the utmost benefits. Even if you’re off the grid, we have the know how to set you up with a cost-saving solar system.

Energy Audits

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Solar Electrician Newcastle