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Looking for more independence and less price gouging in your monthly power bills? If you’re willing to make the up-front investment in a solar battery system from ECOlectrical, you can be free of dependence on the big power companies and well on your way to what is fast becoming the new standard in household electricity supply worldwide.

A solar battery system addresses power concerns all year round, allowing you to remain totally self-sufficient even in a modern, electrically-demanding household. ECOlectrical are the NSW experts in solar installation of all kinds; we have been setting up battery systems such as this for years and will have your off-grid solar system installed and working in no time.

The reliable off-grid solar model sweeping the globe

Solar electrical systems have been heralded as the way of the future for power generation largely thanks to their renewable nature. But they are also perfect for those seeking self-sufficiency; there’s no way for every Australian to mine and burn coal or gas in their backyard, but here in the lucky country we all get our fair share of sun.

Our climate means that, with the technology constantly advancing in efficiency and affordability, household off-grid solar is even more viable a model than it has proven to be in parts of Europe and America.

Get the most benefit with professional off-grid solar installation

ECOlectrical are expert installers of off-grid solar systems, and will happily work with you to plan the best setup for your property. It is vital to ensure proper placement of both the panels themselves and the electrical equipment.

Minor inefficiencies will start to eat into the savings you make by going off-grid, so it pays to have experienced help. We can also judge the scale and models of equipment you will require by judging the rate of your daily electricity use.

Make sure you have ECOlectrical’s expert advice when installing your off-grid solar system in Newcastle.

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ECOlectrical retains the services of qualified residential electricians, capable of taking the lead on any repairs or maintenance issues as well as providing expert recommendations on your potential use of off-grid solar.

Make sure you organise a consultation before making a decision – you can reach ECOlectrical on (02) 4972 2222 or email